Key to symbols:    e.g.: AG-B; ***; 5+ miles


  • AA = Excellent: ADA compliant or very close. with at least an enjoyable stretch of trail smoothly paved

  • AG= Excellent, but trail is well graded hard gravel or dirt

  • B = Good: most wheelchair users will find this useable

  • C = Some difficulty: steep spots, rough surface, and/or obstacles. Most people will require some assistance

  • D = Challenging: competent assistance, nerve, and physical endurance probably required

  • E = Too tough for me: if you do it and survive, please report your experience

  • NOT! = Suitable for Mark Wellman (the paraplegic who climbed El Capitan)

Enjoyability: (A very subjective assessment. I am always looking for uncrowded places that feel natural and let me pretend to be a long way from home. I like lakes, streams and places where one can get close to birds, flowers and other wildlife more than I do magnificent views, but my favorite walks offer varied experiences.)

**** Excellent
*** Very good
** Good
* Fair

Distance estimates are provided, but read the review to guess how much of the trail you'll be able or willing to travel. Many start as "As" but rapidly get more demanding; a few have a tough stretch near the trailhead and later reward your efforts with easier going.

Public transportation: Transit--with a ? when the closest stop may be too far away to be useful. See Resources for transit info links-- changes are very frequent, and all-too-often for the worse.

Wet weather: Many trails get too muddy to use in a wheelchair for much of the rainy season. Some are so well-surfaced you could travel them in the teeth of a storm if you wanted to. Rainy Weather Yes indicates these trails, while Rainy Weather No marks trails that may only be passable when it's been good and dry for awhile.

Details section (at end of each review): Most trailheads described have accessible restrooms/toilets, usually waterless vault or chemical privies. Where this is not the case, or if the toilet may be hard to find, or if I don't know, that information is here, along with transit details, driving directions, parking, fees, hours, and policy on pet dogs.

Links: Usually to the information provided by the park in question if that is available, unless I've found something I think useful