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Last updated May 30, 2012

Ann Sieck



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On these pages you will find access information about SF Bay Area parks I've explored or tried to explore, intended to help other wheelchair users tell whether they want to try them.They range from 100% ADA accessible with good public transit to the kind of perverse undertakings that may make you roll your eyes--unless you have been frustrated looking for information about undesignated but useable trails.
 I made these trips using Invacare Arrow power wheelchairs and usually the assistance of my very fit but by now 69 year old husband. Since I have also hiked on crutches and with other chairs both power and manual--and less capable assistants--I have some perspective on differing needs, and try to give pertinent information on such factors as soft going, bumpiness, availability of benches, and uncertainty, as when one storm's erosion could make a trail unusable.

You might want more information than I give in these access-oriented reviews, so I provide links to each park's web page and map, and sometimes other resources.

The linked indices, one of areas and cities, the other of parks in alphabetical order let you go directly to a particular review. The map has links so you can check out different areas.

Marin County and the East Bay are the areas most featured, since I live in Berkeley. If you have information about other accessible trails,  I need your help! Please contact me. Meanwhile, the Resources section has links to a couple of websites offering trail access information for the SF peninsula.

Of course trails may have changed since I was there. And there are surely mistakes that are all my fault. If other trail users [that's you!] will email or phone with corrections and updates, as well as information about other trails, I'll post it here, and we'll benefit from each other's experience.
If you know of an enjoyable trail that might work for wheelchairs, and isn't listed here yet, drop me a note so I can check it out.
 Ann Sieck


Dan Hill, Ann Sieck, oak tree and coffee...
what could be better? (Grant Park north of San Jose)